Friday, September 10, 2010

Page 20 -21: Make a Face

Well this page was a great idea in theory. I am not sure that I am super happy with the results, but at this moment in time... it will have to suffice. :) I got my inspiration for this page somewhere out there on the web, but who knows, I didn't bookmark this page. Probably should have cause I needed a little help! lol

So the face is blank, and made out of felt, the face pieces have velcro on the back of them...

And tilted your head.... to the right, and you can see one option of a funny face

Here's another option.
And another option.
I don't know. I guess this page required a bit more artistic ability then I possess. The part that I am most unhappy with is the mouth, I think I need to make a new mouth, then I may be ok with this page.

Oh well, it's supposed to be goofy- and I guess it is! :)

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