Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pages 2 & 3: On the Move (or the "Car Page")

So, this page turned out to be more fun to make than I thought. I also learned a lot doing these pages times 2. My inspiration for these pages can be found here. I added a few embellishments of my own, and had fun doing so! :)

Here's the 2 page spread:

Here's a close up of page 2:

The "garage opens, and there's a red truck that lives there. Also the lights on the stoplight are attached by Velcro and can be moved. Here's page 2 with the truck and one of the lights removed:

And page 3, up close:

I was quite proud of my little "pond" with the ducks. :)

Here's my pages from my second book:

And there they are folks! :) My next 2 pages.... hoping the next page is as fun to put together as this one. :)

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